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About us

让科技达益人类健康 Let science and technology benefit human health
A good life comes from a love of life

WELCOMEXi'an yifengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd

西安益丰达生物科技有限公司     Company profile: Xi'an yifengda Biological Science Co., Ltd. is approved by the competent department of the government and is engaged in professional and authoritative business under the guidance of the government, mainly engaged in experimental animals, biotechnol...

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Our advantages

  • Core advantage

    20 years of professional lighting industry production and research and development. The industry is ...

  • Creative team

    The company has professional designers, rich design experience and leading design level to make us s...

  • R & D team

    The company has a professional lighting and lighting research and development team, the core technol...

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